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See Live Earth in action

Gain instant insights about everything from operations and asset performance to anomalous transactions and customer sentiment.

In your custom demo experience, a Live Earth expert will walk you through a real-time scenario where you'll visualize a variety of local data sources interacting with one another on an intuitive and interactive dashboard. You’ll also see how easily you can import your proprietary data sources to synchronize with real-world data instantly. 

Here are some of Live Earth’s features you’ll experience during your demo:

  • Integrated live data streams 
  • Real-time alerts system
  • Unmatched data catalog 
  • Intuitive open platform design

Whether you want to use our data streaming platform to identify trends and opportunities, mitigate risks, or increase operational efficiency, we’ll show you how to harness the power of data to transform your organization. 

A Data Visualization Platform Built for Multiple Industries

Safety & Security

“It’s situational awareness at a glance. You can look at it across the room and see what hot spots there are, where things are happening. It’s pretty important for us.”

Sgt. John Michael O’Hare and Stephen Biancard
Hartford Police Dept